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A Poem for Judging Hackathons

The method I use to make sure I am judging all aspects of a hackathon project.

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Sam Larsen-Disney

Software Engineer at Amplitude

Judging hackathons is hard! There are so many things to consider, and getting caught up in the details is easy. I wrote this poem to help me remind myself of all the things that I shoulld keep in mind.

Evaluate the design and functionality,
The user experience and simplicity,
The robustness and reliability,
The scalability and sustainability.

Look at the team behind the project,
Their skills and their ability to connect,
Their passion and drive to succeed,
Their determination to fix a problem's needs.

In the end, it's not just about the code,
But about the value that it can bestow,
So we must judge with care and thought,
To find the project that we ought.

About The Author

Image of Sam Larsen-Disney

Sam Larsen-Disney

Software Engineer

I enjoy teaching the next generation to code through my books, articles, presentations and at hackathons. You can learn more about me below.

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