About This Site

This site is my corner of the internet. I use it to experiment and document my front-end adventures.

The site has been redesigned and rebuilt many times. Its current tech stack uses NextJS, Socket.IO, Tailwind & Firebase. All UX design and code was completed by me with a little inspiration. You can read about how parts of the site were created by reading my articles or case studies.


All illustration work on this site and within my presentations was commissioned from the very talented Irma Van Den Poel. Irma's work helps bring my site's content to life and I couldn't be more grateful for her work.

Irma Van Den Poel

"From chunky cats to political satire – I do it all. I am fond of subjects such as feminism and intersectionality, and like to present them in a comedic manner. My comics are informative and funny, and my style is playful and cartoony."


This site contains many ideas inspired by some awesome developers and designers, I encourage you to check out their work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this site's code?

Sadly No. Previous versions of this site were made public but, due to a string of copy cats, I no longer share it. I do like sharing my knowledge on how this site was made, so if you want to learn, I encourage you to read my articles and case studies.

How can I support you?

My site has no ads or sponsors. If you've enjoyed my content or used this site's code please consider supporting what I do.

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