One Day Builds.

Short projects I've worked on at hackathons or a friday night.

Second Place Winner

TL;DR Stories

How can we make local community news more appealing and accessible to younger generations?

Our AI news video generator will help you create videos from articles or news stories in just a few minutes. Simply paste the URL of your desired article, and our software will automagically create a video.

You can then download it, share it, and even post on your social media.

Overall Winner


As web developers, we've been through a lot of tech interviews and they can be frustrating - especially when those interviews don't even have someone else on the other side! We've all paid our dues with Hackerrank and Leetcode but with little feedback and no practice alternatives, there was never a safe space to prepare for those recorded interviews.

Whether you're a an applicant or an interviewer - interviews can be tough. Powered by AI, InterviewToast gives you everything you need to make interviews a positive experience. Don't burn your next interview.

First Place Winner

Brings the impact you have when using the internet to life through interactive storytelling using maps to help us understand our human impact!

Using mathematics and ESRI's mapping technology, we can estimate and visualize the CO2 produced when you navigate to any given webpage. ESRI's ArcGIS API takes seemingly meaningless data and translates it into a tangible story that shows how serious the impact of the internet can be on our planet.

Grand Prize Winner is an online multiplayer game that challenges you to solve computer science questions both against time and other players in real time.

After choosing to sign as a guest or using a third party account, users can elect to create a room or join an existing room using a short code. Questions pop up on the map in random places with different shapes and answering questions correctly colours the map in your colour. The first player to dominate the map wins!

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