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A new landing page for Amplitude Data



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I built a default landing experience on The new experience, built for Data governors, aims to be more informative to our users by showing:

  • Data Health: At the very top, we have a snapshot of key summary statistics related to your Data health, which compares your data to your tracking plan, powered by observe functionality:

    • Invalid events: Any event or property that doesn’t match your current tracking plan.
    • Unexpected events: Any event or property that has not yet been added to your tracking plan.
    • Uncategorized events: Any event or property that has not yet been assigned a category your tracking plan
    • Unused events: Events and properties that haven’t been used in the timewindow.

    Using this information, you can take appropriate actions in your tracking plan

  • Top Events We show top 5 events by volume and query count, to help our users understand what are the highest volume events and events that are most used in charts respectively.

  • Project Quota Snapshot of utilization of Event Types, Event Properties and User Properties against your account allocated quota.

  • Quick Actions We provide quick buttons to either Add Events to Tracking plan, Create Branch to Tracking plan, add a new Destination for sending information out from Amplitude Data.

  • Recent Activity A snapshot of recent changes to your tracking plan on Product environment on main branch.

  • Documentation Links to helpful documentation links to our help center and developer portals.

  • Learning Center Links to helpful resources in Amplitude Academy.