Challenging the onboarding experience and empowering new starters to challenge the status quo.




I was a summer intern before I was a Graduate at American Express. When I completed onboarding for the second time, I found that everyone was asking the same questions that had been asked the previous year. Questions that didn’t seem to be stored anywhere but instead were passed around by word of mouth. I thought I could change that.

Graduate Resources Aiding Development

A collection of resources set up to make the onboarding process for new starters go smoothly. It was created and is actively maintained by technology graduates, apprentices and interns. The collection is being used campus-wide and receives over 250 unique vistors and 1500+ views a month.

Technology Onboarding Done Right.

By building a dedicated internal knowledge share we were able to take control over the look and feel of the application. We were able to use it to set an example of what is possible when we are not held back by legacy software or processes.


It was important to me that the site did not use traditional AMEX branding. I wanted to highlight the fact that this is the only tool owned by graduates. Thats why I threw in some complimentary orange.


By building the site we have instilled a greater sense of community among graduates, interns and apprentices even when we are not able to co-locate. It has also given us the oppurtunity to build something together and strengthen our technical skills.

By creating a hub that can act as a source of information for new starters, we can make them feel welcome and provide a network that can support them as they start their role at American Express.